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Payroll Cards

Businesses who are interested in Southwest National Bank Payroll Cards can experience the benefits of a direct deposit program that will increase efficiency and security while reducing payroll costs.
How does it work?
Each pay period, employees’ funds are deposited directly onto their payroll card and immediately available. No more writing checks or paying for replacement checks!
Why should I use Southwest National Bank Payroll Card service?
You can expand your direct deposit program to all employees, including those who do not have a checking or savings account.
By doing so, you can reduce overall payroll costs, eliminate paper checks (no more expensive check orders!), and reduce the risk of check fraud.
What can my employees do with a Southwest National Bank Payroll Card?
  • Stop paying check cashing fees
  • Use it like a debit card and make purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted*  
  • Get cash at any ATM displaying the MasterCard logo worldwide
  • Pay bills online, over the phone, and in person
  • Online access to view balance and transactions, make transfers, and even pay bills
*Fees to cardholder may apply
To set up your Southwest National Bank Payroll Cards today, call 316-831-8287 or email treasury.mgmt@southwestnb.com


Did you know?

Signing up for online bill pay, saves you time, money and clutter. Try it today!

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